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North Delta Minor Hockey Association has one of the top officiating development programs in B.C.   The Associations commitment to officiating development has earned us recognition by Pacific Coast amateur Hockey Association and BC Hockey.  Our goal is to provide a Fun and Rewarding program for our officials that will in turn accommodate the needs of Players, Coaches and volunteers.  



The application process for the 2021/2022 season is now open.  For those looking to begin your officiating careers, we will be accepting applications from now until August 31st.  Officiating interviews will be conducted in early August.  Space is limited and a selection process will be administered 

To apply, please email the Referee in Chief at with the following information: 

First Name: 

Playing division in upcoming season: 

Previous officiating experience (if any): 

Phone number an email address: 

Once you have sent your email you will receive a confirmation email from the RIC.  



Thank you for your work and patience during the 2020/2021 season.  It has been as season like no other.  

If you are planning on returning for the 2021/2022 season, you will have to attend a BC Hockey on- line clinic in order to be certified.  Officials who do not certify will be able to officiate games up until December 31st 2021. Priority will be given to officials that have be recertified for this season. 


Please review the chart below as it lists the process for officials to get certified.  


How to Sign up and Where


BC Hockey realizes that many officials certified last season and were unable to officiate games.  This is why BC Hockey has come up with a new fee structure that takes that into account. 

Please see chart below regarding fees for certification.  This is only for officials that were certified last season.  The regular rate will apply to officials that were not certified last season:  

Development Sessions 

The officiating program will be conducting Development Sessions through out the season.   This may include ice and classroom.  Attendance to these session are mandatory unless a valid a valid reason is presented.  Please note classroom and ice session during the season are not BC Hockey clinic.  These are in place for further development.  Development Sessions will include:  Ice Sessions, Classroom Sessions and use of Video.  


Criminal Record Check:

Any official who will be eighteen years of age by December 31st 2021 will have to get a criminal record check.  


If you require any further information please contact: 

Peter Zerbinos 

Referee In Chief 

or 604 551-4295   Please note for faster response to your question please use email.