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Speak Out Clinics

Please note that Respect In Sport will now have an expiry date.    Anyone that has not taken the course since 2011, will need to renew their RIS for the 2014 - 2015 season.

Speak Out is an educational program to impact the attitudes, skills and knowledge of persons in contact with players that will result in a safe and sportsmanlike environment for all. Speak out is a 4 hour clinic for all Team Officials which includes Coaching Staff, HCSP's, Team Managers.  NDMHA strongly recommends all persons in contact with any minor hockey player to take a Speak Out Clinic. 

Respect in sport is an on-line course.    

Respect in Sport FAQ

HCSP (Trainer) Clinics

The HCSP Clinic is an 7 hour risk manager and safety program, which utilizes a proactive, preventative, common sense approach to keeping our children safe. Team player safety is the first priority at all times, both on and off the ice. The HCSP is responsible for all injuries of players and ensure proper procedures are in place and must assume a leadership role in promoting the values of safety, fair play and integrity.
The HCSP must be re-certified within 6 years.     

The course will be on-line for the upcoming season.      
All ND Hockey teams are required to have two HCSP per team and be certified before Dec 1. 
(See below for online registration.)

Coaching Clinics

A1 and A2 Head Coaches AND Assistant Coaches require Development 1. 
(See below for online registration.)

Recreational or C Head Coaches and assistant coaches require Coach Stream ( Hybrid).
Hockey 1-4 coaches and assistant coaches require a minimum Inititation Level (Recommend the Hybrid).
The course will now be partially on line this upcoming season.   The on-line portion must be completed before you will be able to sign up for the 1 day off & on ice portion of the course.   All post-tasks are to be completed and submitted to the NDMHA Coach Coordinator prior to March 1.

On-line Registration

If you have attended a clinic previously or in the case of a player, you must  contact the registrar at the ND Hockey Office BEFORE you register for any clinics, to get your PERSONAL HOCKEY ID NUMBER.

If you are new adult/coach and have never taken a clinic before, you do not need to contact the registrar at as you will need to set up your own personal profile off the BC Hockey website (link) below.

- Go to
- Select the type of clinic you would like to register for
- Select the name of clinic (i.e. officiating, HCSP, Dev 1, Hybrid, Speak out.)
- Scroll to the clinic location of your choosing
- Click Sign up
- Log on with your personal Hockey ID number if you have previously register OR set up an account if you have not previously registered.
- You will need your Visa # or Mastercard # to register on-line.
- Once you have completed the clinic, you will then be given a receipt to be submit to your Team Treasurer for your refund.  For Coaches, refunds
will not be provided until your post task has been submitted no later than March 1, 2014 to the Coach Coordinator.