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PA Association Job Assignments

Team Parent's Name Job
H1 C1 Kelsi Wellard Giants
H1 C2 Nikki Neall Parade
H2 C1 Mandeep Dhaliwal Giants
H2 C1 Brian Jassmann Giants
H2 C2 Ann Kishor Giants
H3 C1 Jaime-Leigh Sandli Parade
H3 C1 Constantine Piliotis Giants
H3 C2 Sherry Purewal Giants
H4 C1 Susanne Christianson Giants
H4 C1 Christine Mullins Giants
H4 C2 Tatjana Guzina Giants
H4 C2 Dave Jackson Giants
H4 C3 Ruth Philips Parade
Atom A1 Parwinderjit Haher Parade
Atom A2 Michelle Muller Posters
Atom C1 Ruby Jaswal Appreciation Night
Atom C1 Nick McCaffery Posters
Atom C2 Jen Baines Awards Night
Atom C2 Rob Veer Posters
Atom C3 Melanie Bannister Photo Day
Atom C3 Sharon Chu Photo Day
PW A1 Cindy Candusso Awards Night
PW A2 Grace Gudiel Parade
PW C1 Jennifer Emery Appreciation Night Coordinator
PW C2 Biliana Dukanovic Awards Night
PW C3 Glen Sasaki Posters
PW C4 Pamela Cummings Awards Night
Bantam A1 Pam Karppa Giants Coordinator
Bantam A2 Brad Moller Tour de Delta
Bantam A2 Katerina Tickner Tournaments
Bantam C1 Heather Smith Photo Day
Bantam C2 Dawn Drummond Food Drive
Bantam C2 Kristina McCarron Awards Night
Bantam C3 Gurnam Malhi Parade
Bantam C3 Brian Mayhew Awards Night
Midget A1 Darlana Burry Food Drive Coordinator
Midget A1 Gayle Krajnc Posters
Midget C1 Al Noble Poster Coordinator
Midget C1 Nina Virdee Appreciation Night
Midget C2 Pardeep Bhoey Giants
Midget C2 Bal Dosanjh Appreciation Night
Midget C3 Daljit Randhawa Parade
Midget C3 Nadine Rodriguez Posters
Midget C4 Rebecca Dasilva Posters
Midget C4 Janice Heslop Food Drive
Midget C5 Darlana Burry  Photo Day
Midget C5 Michelle Whitehouse Tour de Delta


Parent Auxiliary

The Parent Auxiliary Director assists the Association in organizing events and activities that compliment the hockey program.  Activities include:

- Ensuring first-aid supplies are ready to be distributed
- Photo Day
- Giants Fundraiser
- December Food Drive
- Special Events such as Minor Hockey Week, Cupcake Sale, Scholarship Games, Family Day Parade, Awards Night and Volunteer Appreciation Night

Each team provides a volunteer once teams are formed.   This Parent Auxiliary Team Representative will carry out one or two of the above mentioned tasks.



Award Nomination Forms - Deadline March 10, 2017

Bob Ryhorchuk Memorial Award.doc

Coach of the Year Rep C.doc

Coach of the Year Tier 1 or 2.doc

Coach of the Year H1-4.doc

James Rennie Memorial Award.doc

Ken Waterman Coach Recognition Award.doc

Neil McDonald Memorial Award.doc

Outstanding Service Award.doc

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Sportswoman of the Year.doc

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