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 Mon 03/11/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
GPF - Legends 4:00p 5:00p  >Peewee> Peewee A3 Skills Competition  Please bring both dark and light jerseys  SF 
NDRC Dev/Practice 6:00a 7:30a  >Atom> Atom C1 Practice    CP 
Sungod Arena 6:00a 7:30a  >Peewee> Peewee C2 Practice Peewee C1   BC 
3:45p 4:45p  >Novice> Novice Minor C2 Development Novice Minor C1   JC 
5:00p 6:00p  >Initiation> Initiation Major C1 Development Initiation Major C2   BD 
6:15p 7:30p  >Peewee> Peewee A1 President Series Game Port Coquitlam Peewee A1 PC2030  IN 
7:45p 9:15p  >Bantam> Bantam C3 Practice Bantam C2   IN 
9:30p 11:00p  >Midget> Midget A1 President Series Game Langley Midget A3 MP1212  IN 
White Rock, Centennial Arena 6:30p 7:45p  >Atom> Atom A1 President Series Game Semiahmoo Atom A2 AC1011  IN 
 Tue 03/12/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
GPF - International 4:15p 5:30p  >Peewee> Peewee A1 Practice    CM 
Sungod Arena 9:15p 10:45p  TBD Final Four Game Chilliwack Juvenile A1 JP5011 - Home Team is Ridge Meadows Juvenile A1  IN 
Langley, George Preston Recreatio 7:45p 9:15p  >Atom> Atom A2 Final Four Game Mission Atom A2 AP1430  CZ 
 Wed 03/13/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
GPF - International 4:00p 5:15p  >Atom> Atom A2 Practice    IN 
GPF - Legends 4:30p 5:45p  >Peewee> Peewee A3 Practice  Team Practice  SF 
NDRC Dev/Practice 3:45p 4:45p  >Initiation> Initiation Major C1 Practice    BD 
North Delta Rec Centre 6:00a 7:30a  >Novice> Novice Major Practice    BC 
3:45p 4:45p  >Initiation> Initiation Major C2 Practice    JB 
5:00p 6:00p  >Novice> Novice Minor C2 Practice Novice Minor C1   JC 
6:15p 7:30p  >Peewee> Peewee C2 Practice    BC 
7:45p 9:15p  >Bantam> Bantam C2 Practice    RM 
7:45p 9:15p  >Bantam> Bantam C3 Practice    IN 
9:30p 11:00p  >Midget> Midget C2 Practice  sorry for late notice we were giving ae extra practice slot   GG 
Sungod Arena 9:30p 11:00p  >Juvenile> Juvenile A1 Practice    LH 
Vancouver, Trout Lake / Grandview 7:30p 9:00p  >Juvenile> Juvenile C1 Playoff Game Vancouver Juvenile C1 JP9054  LP 
 Thu 03/14/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
GPF - Canadian 6:45p 8:00p  >Atom> Atom A1 President Series Game Semiahmoo Atom A2 Game #AC1012  IN 
North Delta Rec Centre 6:00a 7:30a  >Novice> Novice Major Practice    BC 
3:45p 4:45p  >Atom> Atom A2 Development  Development with Atom A2 team only  CZ 
5:00p 6:00p  >Bantam> Bantam A2 Development    IN 
6:15p 7:30p  >Midget> Midget A1 Practice    IN 
7:45p 9:15p  >Bantam> Bantam C1 Practice    DD 
Sungod Arena 9:30p 10:30p  >Midget> Midget C4 Practice    LD 
Surrey, Scottsdale Lanes 6:00p 8:00p  >Bantam> Bantam C2 Season-end party  Scottsdale bowling lanes 12033 84 ave, Surrey   IN 
 Fri 03/15/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
North Delta Rec Centre 6:00a 7:30a  >Atom> Atom A2 Practice    CZ 
3:45p 4:45p  >Novice> Novice Major C1 Practice  Fun practice with pizza afterwards  BC 
5:00p 6:00p  >Bantam> Bantam C2 Practice    KB 
6:15p 7:30p  >Atom> Atom A1 President Series Game Coquitlam Atom A1 Game #AC1019  CW 
Sungod Arena 6:00a 7:30a  >Atom> Atom C3 Practice  Mandatory Practice  ML 
8:45p 10:15p  >Midget> Midget C1 Practice    BT 
 Sat 03/16/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
North Delta Rec Centre 8:30a 10:00a  >Midget> Midget C1 Tournament Game Midget C4 C1 is home; C4 is away  LD 
10:15a 11:45a  >Midget> Midget C2 Tournament Game Ridge Meadows Midget C5 MT6071  IN 
2:15p 3:45p  >Midget> Midget C3 Tournament Game Surrey Midget C5 Tournament Game  IN 
Sungod Arena 10:00a 11:15a  >Peewee> Peewee C1 Tournament Game Cloverdale Peewee C4 we are home   JB 
11:30a 12:45p  >Peewee> Peewee C2 Tournament Game Semiahmoo Peewee C2 We are HOME (red jerseys)  BC 
4:00p 5:00p  >Peewee> Peewee C1 Skills Competition Peewee C2   IN 
Port Moody, Port Moody 1 2:00p 3:00p  >Initiation> Initiation Major C1 Tournament Game Port Moody Initiation Major C2   IN 
Port Moody, Port Moody 2 8:45a 9:45a  >Novice> Novice Major C2 Tournament Game Coquitlam Novice Major C1 Dressing Room #4  IN 
Richmond, Rmd Ice Center - Igloo 11:45a 1:00p  >Atom> Atom A2 Tournament Game Coquitlam Atom A3 Room 2  MD 
7:15p 8:30p  >Atom> Atom A2 Tournament Game Langley Atom A4 Room 4  IN 
Surrey, Surrey Sports & Leisure 2:30p 3:30p  >Novice> Novice Minor C2 Tournament Game >TBD Tournament Permission #NTP6142  JC 
6:30p 7:30p  >Novice> Novice Minor C2 Tournament Game >TBD Tournament Permission #NTP6142  JC 
 Sun 03/17/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Coquitlam, Planet Ice Coquitlam #1 7:00p 8:15p  >Atom> Atom A1 President Series Game Coquitlam Atom A1 Game #AC1022  CW 
North Delta Rec Centre 9:00a 10:30a  >Midget> Midget C3 Tournament Game Kerry Park Midget C Tournament Game  CR 
2:15p 3:45p  >Midget> Midget C4 Tournament Game Williams Lake Midget C C4 is away; note time change for game   LD 
4:00p 5:30p  >Midget> Midget C2 Tournament Game Surrey Midget C6 N.DELTA MIDGET C2 IS THE AWAY TEAM  GG 
5:45p 7:15p  >Midget> Midget C1 Tournament Game Vancouver Midget C3   IN 
7:30p 9:00p  >Midget> Midget C3 Tournament Game Vancouver Midget C2   IN 
Sungod Arena 9:00a 10:15a  >Peewee> Peewee C2 Tournament Game Williams Lake We are HOME (red jerseys)  BC 
10:30a 11:45a  >Peewee> Peewee C1 Tournament Game Inuvik Peewee C we are away  IN 
2:15p 3:30p  >Peewee> Peewee C2 Tournament Game Surrey Peewee C4 We are AWAY (gold jerseys)  BC 
3:45p 5:00p  >Peewee> Peewee C1 Tournament Game Surrey Peewee C2 we are home   JB 
Port Moody, Port Moody 1 3:45p 4:45p  >Initiation> Initiation Major C1 Tournament Game BWC Initiation Major C1   IN 
Port Moody, Port Moody 2 11:00a 12:00p  >Novice> Novice Major C2 Tournament Game Ridge Meadows Novice Major C3 Dressing Room #2  IN 
Richmond, Rmd Ice Center - Garage 7:00p 8:15p  >Atom> Atom A2 Tournament Game Burnaby Atom A3 Room 1  MD 
Surrey, Surrey Sports & Leisure 8:30a 9:30a  >Novice> Novice Minor C2 Tournament Game >TBD Tournament Permission #NTP6142  JC 
12:15p 1:15p  >Novice> Novice Minor C2 Tournament Game >TBD Tournament Permission #NTP6142  JC